J/D Sauce ApS was established in 1997.

J/D Sauce imports original Japanese Soy and Teriyaki Sauce in bulk. The sauce is re-packed into smaller units, for Supermarket Chains, Catering Companies as well for the Industrial market, ranging from 150 ml and up to 1000 L containers.

Our supplier has been brewing soy sauce for more than 300 years. The soy sauce is brewed in a manner seeking the delicious natural taste made by nature. The basis raw materials are Non GMO soy beans and wheat which is steamed and roasted. To this mixture a “Koji” culture and sun dried salt is added. The culture starts a natural fermentation process as known from for instance beer brewing. In case of soy sauce this proces takes approximately 6 months. After completing the fermentation the mixture is pressed resulting in the natural pure soy sauce well known from Japanese cuisine.
The main part of our production is under private labels, of which a great part is re-exported after production.
Japanese soy sauce and teriyaki sauce are used in dressings, marinades and in the production of processed foods. Soy sauce is also used for spring-rolls, soups, pasta and rice dishes, – whenever you want to spice up your food.